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Letting go means more!

Letting go means more than you think, than you realize. It is not merely removing your attention from something. It is knowing it will be addressed. It is maintaining your highest vibration possible to receive what you truly want.

So many let go and return to the old stories an patterns that have kept bringing the same old. That same old which you most definitely are ready to leave behind.

Letting go is not weakness allowing for that which you have resisted to over come you. Letting go is an absolute release of the resistance you have clung to for so long.

So much that you have lived by has been backwards.

Letting go takes a courage rooted in knowing you are supported by one beyond the limitations of the physical realm. One who has access to that which can only glimpse in your dreams.

As yo look around today at the abundance all around you, you must realize that it is not hard work or luck which keeps it all balanced. It is the relationship you have with oneness. And to the greater than degree you love yourself, your frequency rises… your world flourishers.

You are selective! You always are making choices selecting what you do want and want you don’t want. This also holds true with your view of the world and the experiences and opportunities available to you. By your vibration, chosen in your thoughts and behaviors, you chose the experiences and opportunities which are available. For in a lower vibration you only have access to the opportunities that resonate with your lower frequency thoughts.

Your practice now is to notice your vibration and raise it. Do this on purpose. It is a skill natural to children. So be as a child again. Laugh, play giggle, have fun, sing, dance and be silly. The seriousness is killing the should and the body.

Seriousness is denying the truth within you. It is denying you the ability to love carelessly, with abandon.

You are alive therefore you laugh. You are alive therefore you love. You are alive and you can be present and feel the oneness.

From here all clarity comes. Your path, your work, your nourishment, your courage and power. You are not alone, thought you have indulged in a separation. It is illusion. Remember your truth and clarity, joy and strength are yours in the same instant.

You are loved supported and abundant. We know this even when you have forgotten. It is always here for you.

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