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Absolute Joy!

Absolute Joy is the relationship with Source, Non-Physical, your Higher Self, Consciousness, whatever you want to call it.

In this relationship you can no longer deny your divinity. The love that you are. Your relationship with oneness becomes your filter for the world around you. It becomes what you see and it is also what you manifest.

Today we see you challenged with so many things you want to do. How wonderful that you are as stimulated as you are motivated. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. We noticed your confusion in it as though maybe it were a problem.

The only issue that could be is your judging it. or believing it so.

This allows much more freedom. As you found yourself focusing on problem you felt the sensation of overwhelm or scattered thoughts. We sent you these feelings so you would pivot back to a better feeling. And you saw when you did you instantly found solution. And we were thrilled you actually caught our role in it when you did.

This is a world mad with abundance but so many chose to see lack. So much is messed. All of Consciousness is thrilled to be co-creating with you. This only happens though when you take responsibility for the well being of you and your vibration.

Back to your so many things you want to do.

Non-Physical would love for you to savor your experiences whatever they are. Allow us to co-partner with you so you aren’t thinking to have five of you to order around. Together we can do, create and Be more than you every dreamt possible. You must ask us to help though. We will not intercede without permission or request. When you slid into the frequency of overwhelm or scattered thoughts you are forgetting our relationship. You forget what truly IS.

Look around you and see what is possible. Everything around you is happening out of love. It is love that is maintaining it fluidly, effortlessly.

As you have connected with the divine love that you are you have strengthened your connection to all that is making it easier each time to expand more.

This too is reflected in your ability to be in your power, in your truth. It shows up in your discovering or birthing your passion! At a certain point of this relationship you hear your calling.

This is spectacular as it creates a momentum all it’s own. In your calling you feel bliss, contentment and a powerful clarity that needs no explanation or defense.

To be at this level of clarity will create a whole new level of momentum and manifestation. Check the beliefs that come up with this unknown. Are there beliefs to release? To allow all the new unknown abundance in? If you are not excited in anticipation of what is coming.. Dig and Release the beliefs in your way!

This is not earned abundance. It is your birthright and has been in wait till you were ready to receive. So you can decide today to receive everything that you’ve got coming. Be excited. It is so worth it. And you Deserve it!!!

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