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High Vibration Time is Here!

Welcome back. You are getting it and quick. The lessons you are precessing in worthiness and deserving are bringing you up enough vibrationally to see that it isn’t cheating, wrong or unattainable to live life in high frequency. Which is 5D frequency.

You won't be alone herre. AuContraire you will be among friends and family you'll be among others who get you! Others who believe in serving the highest good of all. That others too believe in win-win and they aren’t out to manipulate or control you.

The past is not the past. It is happening right here, right now over and over. That is unless you make another choice. That choice is not…. “Do I do this again?”… The choice is choosing to see the world through a higher frequency. Try joy, love, gratitude or happiness.

Do you realize that your mood dictate emotions which dictates

frequency? Ultimately creating the world around you. Unless you are living in a sitcom. It isn’t fun or funny to live in anger, fear or sarcasm! Even then in a sitcom the only funny thing is that the chaos depicted is so close to reality that laughing is the reflex.

Using your ability to create to come up with the next one liner, come back or put down is a waste. It is truly playing small. Take a step up into a new frequency and check out all that is available. There is no end to the unleveling that is available.

You are on a planet of wonder and awesomeness. Yet you have created elaborate programming to notice the negative. Your inability to raise your vibration in the face of the chaos has cut you off of manifesting your greatest desires.

To access you greatest desires you actually have to know what they are. Talk of them regularly, watch them on TV, feel them, tweet them, live video, youtube, and chat about them! All the same as the time you put into the fear and chaos energy which you don’t like. Put your energy on what you really want, what you desire.

Stop playing small. Just because everyones talking about thow awful politics is doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear about your dreams or successes. Set a new bar for socializing. Celebrate each other. Leave the negativity martinis for others who don’t care about creating. Being tipsy and drunk on fear, worry and anger down not open the channels for creating or receiving the abundance you want.

You actually will have to step into your power and step out of the low vibration. By being watcher in low vibration you can witness what you don’t like. Then bring that awareness to creating what you do want. What would be awesome? Can you see that every negative is an opportunity to speed up visualizing what you really want? Allowing your vibration to flow into the arena of what you want will be the conduit for it to flow into your life.

You deserve this!

It is happening NOW.

Time to play Big!

It’s OK to stretch into bigger than you think you deserve. Then stretch your deserving to match. Stretching will show you were you still have beliefs in your operating files.

Play! Play! Play!

Feel resistance and love yourself.

Play some more.!!!

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