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The Nature of Visiting here on Earth

Going into the nature of your visit here on Earth….

This is meant to be a visit of experience. Unlike other realities this one is all about your senses, feelings and emotions. It is all experience.

You came for this. For in all of this is the abitliy to create. If you remembered where you come from or why you came, literally, the innocence and beauty of the creative process would be negated.

So you enter this realm through birth and exit through death. Though you always were before and will continue after these events. These events are stories created to support the others immersed join the human experience.

The system works beautifully though many have lost their way. Even that does not undermine the exquisiteness and success of the reality.

Losing your way creates more opportunity for expansion. It truly is a win win system.

The system has been manipulated by a few who have missed the bigger purpose in lieu of a false pretense of power.

You needn’t worry or consider any of these an obstacle or issue. The nature of this reality has stepped up to resolve this with the least resistance. Everyone gets a reality they want. And these who want to control and manipulate others to the advantage of themselves alone will have such a place which supports this illusion.

And those of you who have felt or seen beyond the illusion of fear and control will find freedom. There is something for everyone. If you believe in a world of love then yes you will live in a world of love and conversely if you believe in a world of pain, few or anger then this will be your world. It is so simple. Yet many will claim victim even as they are solely responsible for the world they are in.

This brings us completely back to the idea of mystery school.

Mystery school is a self driven curriculum of coming back into your power and stepping fully into the calling you came to fulfill.

Mystery school is an energy field existing all around us. It can be seen and accessed by those close enough in frequency to it’s own. As with all things you want you must match the frequency of having it to see it or experience it.

So the question then will be, “How do I match the frequency of what I want?”. Feel it as though it is. Stop looking outside of yourself for the answers. They are all within you.

You are infinite consciousness and as you find your way into the co-creative process manifesting a world of delights you will begin to believe and own your divinity.

Ask yourself… ‘What would it take to _________? … to find mystery school?… be in a world of love? Feel effortless flow of abundance? Anything! What do you want??!!

Because Mystery School is a self directed course you are always aligning with it from within. You are always going to find exactly the guides, instruction and class rooms which are perfectly suited to assist you in your next expansion.

The school grows with you. It is limitless. As you become ready and request your next course of study.. The classes are expertly aligned and created just for you.

This school is a power tool for navigating through this reality.

You didn’t come here to retire. You came for the joy of the expansion.

Nestled deep in your genetic code is your purpose. Your calling. It is the path of least resistance. So take notice of the resistance you experience to note if you are on point with your purpose or pivoting away.

Gratitude will light your way. And your emotions indicate your true North. The path to home.

When your path to your truth becomes more important than your identity and thoughts you will have unrivaled success!!

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