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Back to Loving Yourself!

There is much change afoot. We want to remind you of the necessity to love yourself. You will not be able to proceed with your reason for coming if you do not love yourself. True love, the kind that forgives absolutely. The true love which accepts what is without resistance and fear.

AS you learnt love yourself unconditionally you will begin to notice that leads and less upsets or disturbs you. You will notice that something which previously would upset you didn’t today. You may even be curious or surprised at the calm you feel in your body.

This lack of ‘reaction’ allows for you to embrace the moment and truly recognize the deep resonance of love at the root of everything.

Up till now you have been greatly preoccupied with a world of attack. Defending and reacting to it through every day. This is not the way. The way of truth, the way of alignment and co-creating.

It is time to come back to you. By loving you unconditionally you return to your alignment with source. This is You. By denying the connection you deny you. Quickly you will feel the lack of something… which you will determine to be lack of relationship, opportunity, money, happiness…

This connection to Source can only happen by loving yourself. This puts you in a position to see through the illusion around you and act on behalf of the highest good of ALL.

All of your answers lie in the relationship you have with Source. Your relationship with source is equivalent to your loving yourself.

You cannot afford to ignore this. There is much information that you can only receive in this alignment.

Thios information is important and will affect you at the cellular level.

We want yu loving yourself all the time so that you can continue receiving the information that is coming for hearing and expansion.

You deserve all of this. You are a creator and in your alignment you can follow the inspired action for your calling.

In your alignment illusion can not touch you.

As you maintain your alignment you will find your access to 5D complete.

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