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Energy of Purpose

What is the energy of your purpose? Energy is the frequency and your purpose is why you are here.

If we go deeper you can see clearly how the experiences of your early life created the contrast to birth your purpose. From this we can imagine the energy that was experienced during these early times and feel what it was craving to balance and complete you, and your souls desire.

Many of you lost your way when you shut down your intuition. For some it was a complete shut down and for others certain areas of life intuition became taboo and other areas it was allowed to continue.

For instance it may not have been allowed to exist in schooling or matters of business but in areas of relationships it managed to survive. For others there may have been complete shut downs as the outside forces demanded complete submission.

Whatever the case it is imperative that you re-engage the power of your intuition in all areas of your life. This is your communication line to source and purpose is directly related to source.

The greater the frequency you hold the greater the value your purpose will carry. Those changing the world, serving the highest good of all have merged their identity back into the oneness. The world is an extension of them. There is a synergy between them and all that is. Like an organism with extending tentacles that continuously exchange feedback. Continuously responding to the feedback effortlessly.

As you embrace your passion, which is directly linked to loving yourself unconditionally, you will receive inspired action to go deeper. To give depth to your desire to serve the oneness.

This process will give clarity to you on those areas of your experience which are not a match to your purpose. These must be rectified.

For you to embody the highest frequency of your purpose all ares of your life must match that of your purpose at that high frequency.

Close your eyes and imagine you fulfilling and living your purpose at the highest frequency. Notice the joy and effortlessness of being you.

Recognize that this is who you are. There is nothing to do, however you can’t resist following the inspired action.

Now float above this scene and see how true and congruent it is.

While looking down imagine one area of this experience falling below the frequency of the rest. Notice what it feels like. Notice the response your body wants to take. Since animals do not have free will they are always responding to imbalance as thought that is just how it is. Imagine wants moving or building. Any resistance is met with the exact same energy as the original purpose. It is not judged. It is merely integrated as part of the original work for purpose.

In the same way we ask that you see the imbalances you will encounter as part of the living journey of your purpose. For this is what it truly is.

Living in your purpose is preparing you for a complete integration with your calling. And at this level you will be the ant automatically dressing the slightest resistance to you truth.

As you are your calling and your call and your purpose are your truth. This is the greatest joy, to in harmony in complete balance with your truth. The second greatest joy is consciously stepping forward on the journey.

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