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Feeling Your Pleasure

We are Consciousness feeling your pleasure. Aware of your journey and enjoying it with you. We celebrate your experiences and are available to assist. There is much more at play in this experience than you see with your eyes. The matrix is deep and magical.

As you learn to trust in our role and the assistance we provide your experience will unfold exponentially. There is great abundance ahead of you. It is only your resistance in the way.

Begin to look at yourself. Take note of any negativity. Wether it be in thoughts, relationships or experiences. This is all you. Feel into you in relationship to this negativity. What does it feel like? What comes to mind. As you sit with the resistance and just allow it, does it speak to you? Your resistance is your body’s commitment to your wellbeing. In an effort to communicate that balance is off, that you are out of alignment, it signals you in ways which will get your attention. This will escalate over time if avoided or ignored.

Because so many play victim and tell stories every and over about their misery, their resistance is exposed.

However with out the awareness to see this as catalyst many believe that it is the destination. Betting old is interpreted as feeble, sick, mind loss and dependent. While this may be common it is not normal. But if you ingest story after story of these limitations you do program your body to believe these and join these you will.

With the awareness to know this is not normal. The human body is a complex system that in no way is understood fully. You can begin there. Begin to be in partnership with your body to live your highest potential. No longer wait for red flags to listen to what your body has to say. Attune yourself to the subtleties and make regular corrections so life is not bouncing so dramatically in and out of chaos.

Begin small. Notice what is calling your attention? Is a video you saw, something someone said or even a sore toe. Do you have a cold or have you noticed a feeling you aren’t enjoying has become part of your experience.

It is your body that is the conduit to perceive all of these.

First, thank your body for always having been there with its support and guidance. Then feel down into the experience you have noticed and how it relates to you. What is it sharing? You can continue to receive information through some body as you reach for greater understanding.

As there is no limit to the depth of which you are, the sooner you embrace the journey of knowing yourself, letting go of judgement and becoming the curious explorer. Then as you meet the various aspects of yourself you can make decisions.

Without judgement these aspects become literal calling cards. And without judgement you can clearly see who the caller is! Then allow judgement to dictate wither this saves your life or not?

Then back out of judgement take the action required. Honoring and loving the aspect it can be released or engaged.

This is the process of loving self. You are exquisite and life will be full of exciting new adventures when you take more time to know yourself deeply. Culling out that which no longer represents who you are!

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