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What does freedom mean to you?! Can you feel freedom in your body? Do you know what freedom feels like?

We would like you to consider freedom at an energetic level. Because it is an aspect of you, that you may have been over written. Yep! You may have done a write over to fit in or rationalize an experience and thus diminished your true authority and power.

Thus if in any area of your life you feel at all diminished or disempowered we would like you to release that feeling and re-engage your truth of freedom. This is immensely liberating.

As you reconnect with freedom you will find yourself empowered to do the unthinkable. To engage at a level you hadn’t thought possible. Thus attracting new even more exciting opportunities than ever before.

Instead of being bogged down by all the doing, you become fueled by it. It is all win win. Imagine taking action that actually makes you feel more alive, more you, more excited about life?

This is waiting for you when you transmute that which is draining you into love. When you bring awareness to the very things that are leaching away your vital force!

Your vital force which is your quantum connection to all that is. The force which is always ready to heal you and connect you to consciousness.

Time to release the blocks to this vital force and feel the freedom to be authentically you flood into fill the new space.

Just because you can carry the baggage, old beliefs, negative emotions, fear, stress and clutter doesn’t mean you have to!

Say “NO! Thank you”, to the aspects of the world which are no longer serving you. Yes, perhaps they did at one time. Thank them and let go. You deserve to move into the new. Embrace you personal expansion and healing.

Your authentic self is ready to lead the way. Many are waiting for you to be present, available and an example. Each of you who engages willingly in present authenticity creates a ripple and attracts others to also reconnect with their truth.

Not only do you engage in a massive healing step for you but also give permission for others to love themselves unconditionally!

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