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Meaning is Coded in the Now

Where to begin. It is a new year and far beyond your limited view of this is meaning. There is much meaning coded deeply into everything. This moment is Now.

We are aware that more than every you get being the master of your universe. That the world you are in is at your command. This command is frequency driven.

Frequency is absolute. The wold is made up of consciousness, which then dictates frequency. If you are to be absolute master of your world you must be able to choose and hold the frequencies which create the world you desire.

This is simpler than it may appear. You want a world of kindness then you choose to BE the frequency of kindness.

It isn’t merely thinking it. It is shifting every cell in your body to harmonize with it. You have been doing this your whole life, though without the awareness of how strong your power and responsibility for this is. You have been life a boat with no oars, allowing the frequencies of the world around you to Be your choice. No real ownership on your part. A false giving away power. Even pretending it doesn’t exist as this merely continued to prove it does exist.

You can not deny your role to create. You can however choose to play small.

This moment is time for something new. A sinking into the truth that is you. Feeling where you’ve been denying this truth and where you are honoring it.

What do you see? What would you like to create? Are you willing to take one small step to being the greater you came to be? Do you see how simple your responsibility to frequency is?

You have had a lifetime of programing telling you, teaching you that you are at the mercy of the world. This is an epidemic now as people take a stand to change this. Yet this is not something you can change outside. It is an inner job. For these people experiencing disrespect and negativity it is only the view within the frequency they hold that makes it real.

Change the frequency, Change the Now.

Bringing this new year in will be awareness, intention and commitment. This will serve you in everything you do all year.

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