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Senses are for Awakening!

Today you will be learning about the senses as a tool for awakening.

Regardless how many senses you have or which ones they are you can consider these a gateway to consciousness.

Your senses focus you into present moment. This is fantastic simply focusing on your experience through the senses creates an awareness few have anymore! We are very serious about this.

The programming most children go through begins to build belief judgement and story around everything. And quickly there becomes an investment in all things story.

Stories that trigger fear, anger, resentment, loneliness and many more.

If the story around getting an ice cream cone from a street vendor always takes you back to your sibling eating half of your how can you truly stay present for a vendor bought cone 20 yrs later and truly savor the cold creamy deliciousness on this hot day?

If instead you looked for occasion in each new fresh moment to engage the senses you’d be living life as a true healthy child. This is a world full of abundance always giving to you.

The world around you becomes an experiential place rather than a world you must react constantly to as it triggers beliefs and programs.

As we embrace this practice of sense based mindfulness the old patterns of survival are no longer controlling our lives. You will begin to see the obvious difference between true living and the illusion many call life.

This is the true matrix. Are you caught up living a reactive life, functioning on auto pilot for dat to day activity and even auto pilot for stressful moments.. Finding that when the quiet comes, even that must be avoided at all costs and some escape will be found. This is an Ego driven life.

Don’t allow the Ego to drive you! The ego is afraid of it’s own death and will sacrifice you instead. for the ego believes alignment with source (presentness) is death so at all costs it pushes for separation. Time to set some boundaries the ego is not equipped for this level of responsibility. It is equipped to navigate us through contrast so we can create the new. That is the extent of its mastery. It is time to step back into role of your truth. You are the driver. It is no longer acceptable to give your power away to anyone or anything else!

Make small steps… the playful ones are the easiest to return you to present moment. Your ability to hold the truth of you at the highest level becomes easier and easier.

Making right choices which align body, mind and spirit is no longer a struggle and ultimately a failure.

Your ability to tune into present moment and thus love yourself will ensure success you’ve never before accessed.

Because success can not happen if at your core you aren’t loving yourself!

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