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Time to Unleash Yourself

Time to unleash yourself! What does this mean? Let’s look at your patterns, your systems.

What systems, behaviors and supporting your alignment and which are not?

Do you find upon returning home you snack on empty calories and or watch TV or camp on social media for 30 minutes?

What expands you? What brings you to present, to silence, quiet, the now?

It is a new year. What expansion do you want this year?

What system, pattern or behavior is in your way? Are you ready for more of you? More authentic powerful you.

It is all now. A pivot in the direction you want to go takes you on a new trajectory into a new reality.

These little pivots take awareness. Real conscious Now awareness that is so huge since the illusion that is rampant provides no conscious moments. That begs another question. What part of your life is illusion and what is real?

Simply that which is not God is illusion and that which is God is real.

Can you see God in every person, every aspect of your life, every encounter, experience, opportunity and thought? Those places you don’t see God are illusion. Now is a perfect time to clean house.

Even if you only engage a question, “If not this illusion, then what?”. That is enough. It covers the criteria of 1. awareness, 2. Now, 3. Receive and Allow for Solution or the new.

It is imperative to want to leave the limiting illusions behind even if the unknown is scary, even if the unknown is unknown.

Know that only God exists and that in allowing from an open heart, one in alignment that only abundance will flow to you. It is important to keep your alignment strong. So you do not resort to low frequency interpretations of the ‘new’ coming to you.

Your ability to make massive change happen depends on you being aware and consciously pivoting to that reality. One small pivot at a time.

The more present you stay the greater the momentum in your co-creative process!

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