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Wonder happens in the lack of judgement. It is time to become aware of the frequency of judgement, how it affects your life and how to use it most effectively.

There is an epidemic of intolerance to anything not familiar, comfortable or stimulating. This is because in your experience you can have what you want almost instantly. Instead of being present to find the delight in the now moment there is a continual leaning out of the present moment to satisfy that longing.

Everything you want is here now. In this present moment. It is all here. Take a moment to feel the truth in this. Feel your will being, the abundance, the love, the peace…

In this new 5D experience, people will be reclaiming success, abundance and happiness. No longer will happiness be a new BMW but a sense of power on in the Now.

In your 5D experience achievement won’t be acquisition, it will be your next expansion. Within your 5D experience you will own the balance in all aspects of you and it will be effortless. Not one area of your life will be considered more important than any other.

Releasing judgement will free you to enjoy bliss in every moment.

Judgement is the nature of the ego. It is not your nature. The ego is a tool as is the mind. Here to serve you in your human adventure.

What has occurred is a neglect of the education of your true self. And how to operate within the human experience to do what you came to do. Instead there are a bunch of unconscious people living as their egos. The ego was one of many navigating tools never meant to serve as identity.

As we said the nature of the ego is judgement. This is not your nature. Your nature is love.

As people have lost their alignment to source and their truth they have become equally contrary in all areas of their lives. This is easily witnessed in the world around you.

Take heart though. Your awareness to your own alignment is exactly what is needed. As few begin to live in their truth unequivocally others feel the resonance and will want to come back toothier own truth. This is a place of ease, peace, acceptance and unconditional love. Many think this is a naive reality. Few have come back to remembering it is the only real thing.

Judgement is the nature of the ego so as to assist you in making decisions in your journey. It is part of your navigation system as well as a tool for creating. When we are able to turn judgement onto a thing or experience we can begin to make decisions on how to improve it. We can focus in on what we really want to manifest.

When judgement is reserved for only those times the remaining moments of presentness can be truly enjoyed.

Applying judgement continuously to everything creates an experience of resistance to being present. Hence people spend extraordinary amounts of effort and money escaping the present moment they are in.

This now moment is where everything you desire is.

So relax and begin to notice the judgement that serves neither navigation, finding the most auspicious path or creating. And allow for it to dissolve as it is not you or your nature. It is not part of your personality. Left to run a continuous maritime only distracts you from your alignment.

You are beginning to own yow powerful a creator you are. In your practice of presentness wonder is really available. From here anything is possible.

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