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You Cannot Know the Journey of Another

You cannot know the journey of another and choose the frequency you want to move forward in!

Today you met the beautiful woman in the sauna who we spoke through. She shared that because everyone has their own unique experiences you cannot know from where or what their current behavior stems. They are in each moment doing the best they can for themselves.

Please remember that there is nothing personal in this world, however the minute you learned the word ‘I’ you began to nature a singular perspective.

The 3D frequency most have been a part of has encouraged this view point. Creating or encouraging ideas of right and wrong. No matter how most tried or what they did following all the rules, they felt defeated, victimized and alone.

So if you are ready for a new possibility let’s start at the root. Drop the need for I! I to be seen to be heard, to be understood to be loved! Let go of all the stories you have built around these. Whew! Can you feel the weight fall away. These shackles were purely their by your choice.

By allowing them to slip away you can ask your next question! “If not ‘I’ then what?!

Sit with that for a moment and as you sit let your question rise up and away to be received by All That Is. Feel the nothingness, the emptiness available in this NOW present moment.

Focus into your heart field and notice it, feel it, see it, listen to it? Allow it to expand and as it does adjust the frequency to one of curiosity and anticipation for the answers coming to you right now. Not just for this question but the many many others you have been asking.

These answers and solutions are so delicious and aligned with and for your highest good. They may come as ideas you hear or ideas you see, may be smells that trigger you to an expanded awareness. Just allow. This isn’t a trying or action thing. Receiving is being open and empty. A cleared space ready to be filled with new!

The being you are has longed to stretch beyond the ‘I’ and this is the key, the root of shifting into 5D.

Feeling into the space may feel confusing or even ludicrous. So foreign in fact that you want to wash your hands of it and go on as though you heard nothing.

Before you go back and contract to the old, understand you can just be curious and allow the concept, the space, to communicate with you. As you are ready you will receive the ideas in ways which will excite you and inspire you to try something different.

Stepping out of your limiting small ‘I’ will allow you to access exponential growth and expansion, in all areas of your life.

Breath and allow your answers to come. This is a lovely way to end the day and wake up tomorrow. All our love is yours!

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