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Art Classes


Come find out what it's like to create something from nothing!

In coming back to the world of the imagination we can explore possibilities and joy we didn't know existed.

Classes for all ages and abilities.  

We come together to learn and share.  As an artist I have spent many hours and days alone creating.  This can work... However, having the ability to work with others gives us the ability to expand our skills faster.

Classes held in private art studio at 

77 N Main St.

Milltown NJ 08850

Group and Private Sessions available.

Call to reserve your seat.

Jemma- 401-699-6142

Call Jemma to Book


Adult Classes

Congratulations and Welcome!  

I'm thrilled you found us.  

Come see what art is all about.  

Art is freedom, authenticity, time for you, fun and so much more.

Adult Classes include private sessions by the hour as well as specialty classes teaching specific techniques and styles of art.  We place a strong emphasis on creating from your voice within.  So with all classes there is a learning how to tap into your inner voice and intuition.  This is key to finding your unique style as well as the medium and type of art that is a fit for you.

Exploring a wide range of techniques and styles gives you more to chose from to find your match.

Group Art Classes  

Session is 6 - 1Hr. Classes/ $180  or

Session 3 -2Hr. Classes


Private Art Classes  

1Hr/60$, 1.5Hr/75$

Learning at your pace, exploring the medium of your choice!

Oil, Acrylic, Water color, Liquid Acrylic, Art Journaling...

Mosaic Classes

 1-3 people.  

3 Day Workshops.  $350/per person

Beginners Welcome!!  

Teaching the beautiful way of mosaic on glass. Learn the steps from beginning too end and techniques specific to this medium.  

This class can be made to fit your schedule!  

Create art you will cherish for a lifetime.


Call to reserve your Class today.

 Jemma 401-699-6142


Kids Classes

Art gives children a voice to express themselves beyond words... Beyond culture and social norms.  

Children are ready sponges for learning techniques and mediums.  

When children have the freedom to create they grow in confidence and authenticity.  In an age where everything has rules, art allows children to find their own path.  To create a world that never existed before.  

Art Classes offered for children assist children in exploring new techniques while learning the fundamentals of art.

Six Classes (one hour each) per Session= $180

Three Classes (two hours each) per Session= $160


Call Jemma: 401-699-6142

Call Jemma to Book
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