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       Join us in Ewell MD, (Smith Island MD) for a wonderful time exploring what is possible.  Retreats are kept very small so outings and projects can be customized to each person.

      Over the summer there will be many opportunities. to attend.  Choose a Friday to Wednesday that works for you and call to reserve.  

      This is a five day retreat,  includes meals, activities and lodgings.  

To Sign Up Call Jemma:  401-699-6142

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 The child within deserves to play!

             I believe in a life of art.  This means that I approach everything I do with my intuition.   Through the love of art anyone can learn to activate their intuition and create something inspiring, something never seen before.  All it takes is a willingness to adventure into the unknown.

This is what Smith Island is..... a wild, fun, unknown.  A place where wild birds feel safe to stop during migration, wild ducks nest under my grapes and insects share the magic of their worlds.  I love it all.  

Smith Island is a natural place to explore the new.  To create art and play with nature.

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       In my workshops I introduce the new while also honoring the desire of the person...

This makes many mediums possibilities! 

      From painting (acrylic, oil or watercolor) to sculpture with found objects, murals, sand painting, photography and much more.


Hiking, paddle boarding, bird watching, Watching the sunsets, swimming, bonfire, scavenger hunt, progging about, biking, tour via golf cart, exploring the local museum and artist gallery.

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