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Art Retreats

Congratulations!  To entertain the idea of a personal retreat is a powerful thing.  You deserve to live your highest potential self.  Art is one of many avenues to tap into the abundance and patterns that will change your life forever.

Come find out the power of Art! 

Smith Island lends itself well to these retreats as it offers effortless connection to nature.  There is space, quiet, timelessness and energy.  All of these make it easy to know your truth.  

Art will also change the way you see the world. It begins to collapse the prewritten programs of what you are seeing.  Thus you begin to experience a new world just as a child would.  

The freedom that is accessed through the imagination is unlimited.  It is always shifting and expanding allowing the you that that wakes up today to have even more possibility!  

You are delicious and yummy and it is time to see that for yourself!

All Inclusive retreats

Because of the unique nature of these semi-remote retreats, ALL expenses related to the trip are covered.  Including boat fare, meals (2 a day plus snacks), activities, supplies and workshops.

In some cases carpooling may be an option to the boat dock in Crisfield Md.  Otherwise it is your responsibility to get to the boat.  

Additionally any specific treats or beverages you may bring for yourself.  Will be providing  tea, water and fresh roasted coffee.  

Continental Breakfast

Art for You

The nature of art is to create from within.  This is the key to living an authentic life.  All the various mediums are taught from the idea that you are a co-creator and thus you can let go of outcomes and create something you never dreamt was possible.  

The mediums used will be specially chosen for your retreat to suit you and the conditions of Smith Island.  

These may include mosaic, oils, oil pastels, acrylics, collage and journalling.  

Paint Cans


In flow with the art workshops we will balance with other activities that are perfect for connecting to the nature all around.  These help to train the eye to see things fresh.  To see with the eyes of a child.  Some of these activities are canoeing, paddleboarding, walking, bon fires, group project on property, gardening.  All activities are woven in as they are able to fit when possible.  

Girl on SUP at sunset

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Do you have Questions?  

Are you ready to commit to time for you?

 Feel free to call Jemma to find out more!  401-699-6142

Trip cost: 

  • $450 per person (private room)

  • $400 per person (shared room/bed)

  • $350 For accompanying person not attending workshops (meals and room only)

Trips originate in Crisfield MD on Noon Boat Friday and Conclude at Crisfield Md morning boat on Monday.

Mermaid, Acrylic and Collage
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