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Expand Consciousness Retreat

on Smith Island MD

You are either expanding or contracting all the time.  It is the feeling which tells you which one you are doing.  Contracting feels not so good while expanding feels really good.  

My name is Jemma and I help people ease into a life of expansion.  With baby steps everyone can begin where they are and find the ways that work for them.  

Using an environment that is relaxing and soothing to the soul we can explore aspects of ourselves that usually we avoid.  It is in releasing the old that we make room for the new.  

By joining in this personal retreat, designed just for you, you are putting value on you.  You are taking steps to create the world you want.  

Using the tools of intuition, high frequency we can quickly undo what many can't do in years of therapy.  A willingness to face the old without judgement creates a future you could not have dreamed of.  

You deserve to learn the path to your truth.  It doesn't have to be work.  It can be fun and freedom and bliss.  All it takes is awareness and implementation of tools.   A practice in loving oneself and forgiveness.  This will not only change your life forever, it will change the world! 

Learn how to raise your frequency and change the world you live in.  

Begin to shift your view of the world.  

Release the conditioned views and all the patterns they have created.  

By releasing the old you can choose the world you want.  

Forgiveness is the answer and these retreats are for those who know there must be a better way!

Call Jemma to find out more and make your plans!  401-699-6142

What to Expect

  • All inclusive (excludes transportation)

  • For 1-4 Attendees

  • Daily Classes designed for you. May include: sound, dance, music, art, energy, frequency, water and more.

  • 1 Hour Private 1-1 Session

  • Daily Mediation

  • Art workshops

  • Activities on Water (if weather allows)

  • Meals (2/day plus snacks)

  • Private or Shared room w/ shared bath

Benefits for You

  • Have Fun and Laugh

  • Really Savor Good Food,  

  • Feel Peaceful

  • Feel Happier

  • Empowered to do your life differently

  • Less Pain

  • Connection to Self and All that IS.

  • More Abundant

  • New techniques to change life patterns

  • Loving others more

  • Support for next problem

  • Access to Solution

  • Access to healing energy now.

  • Being Present!


  • Friday afternoon to Wednesday morning available.

  • Retreats are $200per person per day.

  • Transportation costs include your drive, flight, and boat fare to Ewell, Smith Island MD.



Call Jemma for Dates and Questions and to plan your retreat; 401-699-6142

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