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Art for Home Schoolers

Milltown Art Studio

Art is such an important part of who we are.  It activates areas of the brain that make us stronger and smarter.... PLUS! Art makes us happy, gives us an outlet to all the stress and overwhelm.  Art helps us to process life and everything we are experiencing.  Art gives us a place to know ourselves and a language to express it to the world!

I offer space to those who are just beginning to those with experience to take their art practice to something new and exciting.

My students, of all ages, choose the mediums they want to explore and the subjects they want to dive into.  This is the way of learning.

Call Jemma: 401-699-6142


Small Daytime Classes

My classes are small so I can give lots of personal attention to each student.  Classes are on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Contact Jemma for time availability.   Maximum 5 Students per class.  


Mediums Offered

So many mediums are available.  I believe that we are learning to express ourselves.  Mediums become the flavor of the moment...  Watercolor, acrylic, oil, sculpture, stained glass mosaic, mixed media, liquid acrylic, alcohol ink, wood burning, wood carving, plastina, air dry clay, art journaling, pastel....



Classic Sessions:  6, one hour classes.  $180.  Choose your day/time to attend.

Advanced Sessions: 3, two hour Classes.  $160 

All prices include supplies.

The only difference in the classes is the desire for the student to work a longer period of time.

Call Jemma Today! 401-699-6142

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