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Jemma     Fassett

You have been chosen. Are you ready?

Crown Chakra

Master Class

Level VII: Self as Divine Magic

A three hour long Intensive available exclusively to individuals desiring self mastery at the energetic level. This one-on-one experience will open you and your business to reach your highest potential.

Part VII: This elite course is available by invitation only.
It is designed for those ready to enter a daily fifth dimensional experience.
No more excuses. No more riding the fence: It's time to play big. 

  • Experience the majesty of living in the fullness of your power as a Master Creator.

  • Raise the vibrational existence of your business.

  • Learn how to receive exponential ROI in every aspect of your life. 

  • Clear any residual emotional blocks or limiting beliefs still holding you back.

  • Dissolve your perceived limitations in this new level of light. 

  • Gain clarity, perspective, detachment, and momentum.

  • Devise an intuitive, personalized Self-Actualization Strategy.

These three hours of  Intention-driven Transformation will impact every aspect of your life. You know that you are called to Greatness. You have come this far. Don't stop now. Reserve your Master Class session now. 

Level VII classes are held in the intimacy of Jemma's retreat home in Milltown, NJ. There will be meditation, love-soaked tea and snacks, art, music, and much more. You will leave feeling sated and loved. Wear comfortable, casual attire and bring a notebook.


sessions available through Jan 1, 2019

Please begin to find the intention in your heart that you’d like to have for your time with me. Intention creates amazing flow and you can begin to reap the rewards of flow even weeks before our session actually happens.  Start the flow with your intention now!
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Jemma Fassett

Master of Energetic Arts | Spiritual Alchemist  |  Teacher & Healer

Jemma Fassett is an Artist, Mother, Creator and Healer assisting in the expansion of global consciousness towards a fifth dimensional reality. Jemma’s 27 years experience as Intuitive Artist & Healer give her powerful vision for teaching and leading you into this exciting new level of light.

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