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Amazing art for the BODY!  Feel the fun.  

Let your inner child out for the day.  

Anything is possible!

Call Jemma!  


Kids parties

Birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Halloween, Valentines, picnics and school parties!  

adult parties

Bachelorette, Bachelor, Birthday, Girls Night, Bridal, Christmas, New Years, Corporate, etc..

Belly Art

Also known as Gestational Art.  Time to celebrate the experience.  Can be private or incorporated into an event.


Woohoo!!  Bring them on!

Corporate, Non-Profit, School, Networking, Employee Appreciation Days, Ceremonies like Drum Circles and Full Moon 

Where to find me!

Let's Create!  Your Idea, My Art!

Holy Cow!!  It's Covid-19 and everything has changed!  Call me if you'd love to have a great activity at your family get together.  My art is above and beyond...  Get original art and a lot of fun.  

Call me!  401-699-6142


Jemma Fassett was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to a military family.  Although she comes from many generations of artists,  few made a career out of their gifts.  


Jemma has embraced art in every aspect of her life, starting with winning art contests in third grade.  With no formal art training until college she was free to explore and develop her style and many mediums without limitations. 


Not realizing how to make art her career, Jemma took on a job as a long distance 18 wheeler driver to allow for financial freedom and exploration.  This job choice kept Jemmas creativity free for her own pleasure.  While trucking across America and Canada Jemma watercolored the beaches in Rhode Island, photographed the salt flats in Utah and created large mosaics for commissions in the bunk of her truck.  


In 2007, She left trucking to give her full attention to her art and began living life secluded on Smith Island and behind the scenes at a bed and breakfast in Narragansett RI. Then her daughter Bell a came along, and she changed everything. 


Coming out of solitude, and gettin involved in her daughter’s life Jemma started her face painting career at Bella’s preschool.  After a period of investing in classes, festivals, and her own artistic growth with this new medium, Jemma is now ready to bring her life's knowledge and personal art style to every event and function she attends.

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