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My intention for life is Ease and Authenticity!

There is so much to share and so little space!!!

From a childhood living all over the USA and being the oldest of seven kids to driving a tractor trailer for 15 years to buying a home on a remote island in the Chesapeake Bay.. Then having my baby in a kitchen of an industrial loft in Providence R.I... I can say with all my heart I Love my Life! 

As my daughter says;  "No, I won't be an artist when I grow up. Cause I'm already an artist." Throughout my life- trucking, traveling Europe, living on an island and with a baby I have been an artist as much I as I have been female.  It just is.  

I was not taught art.  I just remembered how to.... paint, compose, draw and create.  For me it all comes from feeling.  The ability to go within and connect with intuition to co-create on a scale I only could dream of on my own.  

In art, as with most the Chouinards in my mothers ancestry, I find mastery is effortless and my interests take me to explore new techniques and mediums all the time.  It keeps life interesting and my friends love all the new access this brings them too.  I share it all.  

Fun has to be the root of it all.  If I'm having fun I'm loving my world and everything in it.  I also believe in teaching and sharing with others how much fun and unconditional love is available when you step outside your comfort zone and back into the intuitive, creative world of the child.  We all deserve to play and laugh.

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