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Sole to Soul

Physical Energy Manifests Spiritual Energy

Have you ever seen those labyrinth circles, popularized within Asian culture, where one must follow the path all the way around? There is a strong energetic function at play within that form of sacred geometry.

Whether its a circle, or even a straight path, walking is the common denominator that produces physical energy. A physical energy that dovetails and propels the flow through other various regions. Not the least of which is our spirit.

A walk after a lunch at work on a beautiful Spring day, the tradition of a walk after Thanksgiving dinner while dishes are getting done and dessert and coffee prepped, or even the routine of upstairs-downstairs for laundry day, are all situations where the physical movement of energy changes the energy pattern of how we deal with the continuity of living.

The movement strikes at the heart of momentum; the physicality of this simple gesture, stretches into the stimulation of the thinking process as well.

Exercise, while being executed, can appear exhausting and full of misery, yet it unlocks energy that somehow has been hidden. Quite literally, “jogging your memory” is possible. The physical movement transforms the mind, which can transform the soul.

In the simplest of examples, look at an issue of writer’s block. Production sitting in front of a monitor for a couple of hours all of a sudden comes to a standstill. The writer’s hit the proverbial wall, and can only manage to stare hypnotically, thinking that will help chip away at the bricks.

Someone comes by the desk, and suggests they go for a walk break. About 20 minutes later, the writer returns, enthused and infused, ready to attack the keyboard from where they left off..

Coincidence? No, it’s actually the repeated theme of what we grew up with during our childhood, manifesting at an adult level. During grade school, we had engaged in recess usually after lunch, a break in the middle of the day. And this perfectly set up the brain’s activity to be receptive to the afternoons lessons. Like that writer, who was approaching that wall, as school-age kids we were hitting a similar wall by lunch, and the recess activity helped to propel us past that point.

Even in the heat of an argument or debate, we can find ourselves taking an opportunity to walk away from the volatility, to either diffuse the current situation, or even think about what’s transpired. The simple act of walking, not focused on the away, has already engaged with that synapse system working in our brain towards diffusing stress and stimulating clear thinking. Much like the cool-down at the end of an aerobics class.

The same walking away happens when we hit a block in any kind of situation, whether job, family, or even socially related. While determined to just work through the obstacle non-stop, find that momentum just plain quits and leaves. And just like that, you become compelled to get up and walk away for a short break, then return, refreshed and enthused enough to pick up from where you left off, or even more openly aware to avenues of solving issues.

Whoever turned the phrase, “feet, don’t fail me now”, knew the deep value of walking.

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