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Daffodil Dream is an original acrylic painting that takes you into a world of abundance.

Created by Jemma Fassett over a period of a month... Beginning in her front yard with splatters of paintcovering the entire canvas.  Into the studio for many more layers.  This piece looks stunning on any color wall and is guaranteed to raise the vibration of the space it hangs in.  Width 40.25" x Height 36"

Daffodil Dream, 40.25"x 36"

SKU: Daffodil Dream
  • Caring for acrylics is very easy...  Once a year you may take a damp clean cloth and gently wipe the surface.  In the case of this piece there are some areas of texture you can use a soft brush to dust out if needed.  If the canvas for some reason stretches or has a looseness to it, You can take down the art.  Using a terry cloth or other heavy cotton cloth, wet cloth with hot water from tap.  Should not be dripping but be wet.  Then gently wipe cloth over BACK SIDE of canvas..  the side that goes against the wall.  Then re-hang the art.  This should only be done in low humidity where the piece can and will air dry.  You can stand the art up anywhere to airdry that will ensure the process is complete within 12 hours.  You do not want the art to mold.  If you cut the canvas, there are people who know how to repair.

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