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Tia and George

A Kindertown Story 

Come enter a world of community and sharing.  A town where the residents share by singing about their experiences.  Adding in the feeling and emotions so those they sang around can feel the experience too.

It's no small feat to find your truth in this world today.  Tia is made aware of how she has forgotten her purpose.  How will she get back on track?

This Childrens Book was birthed out of a traumatic experience.  It then sat for 10 years while I pondered how to do the illustrations for it.  Since I am an artist it seemed there were so many options!  Then along came my talented daughter!  Bella uses art as a second language.  It was a no brainer that she would share in the creation of this series!  


As we are still in the creative process... please contact us if you'd like to be notified when the book is released!

Thank you,


401-699-6142 or

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