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Collapsing Time

Collapsing Time.

It is the perfect moment to begin reachingizing your shift from 3D to 5D. What does this mean? It means leaving behind victimhood and struggle. It means finding what it’s like to be in the present moment.

In your awareness of being present and your skill at choosing this you will begin to see the true nature of time. It has the ability to bend and flow. Contract and expand. It is not the stoic methodical ticking seconds you thought.

As you begin to put more awareness on the true nature of time it will become more and more revealed to you. It is a reality of it’s own that bends to your will.

So what are you willing it? Are you saying to it.. I have no time, things have been hectic or crazy? I don’t have time for me.. On and on. You are the creator and tie bends to your will there thoughts you think are happening to you are actually being created by you!

Time is a construct of the mind. The mind is used to making sense of things. The heart in it’s wisdom —knows.

Realize there are cultures, however small at this point, which do not use clocks. They use the sun, the moon, their intuition and connection to the oneness.

People can function fully in this way. Start to notice if you let go of the idea that time is stationary and religiously measured. If you entertain the notion that it can flux and bend then you actually begin to see it happening.

You arrive some where earlier than possible. Someone is speaking and it is so juicy and fun and you find out only minutes went by yet it felt like it must have been much longer. What about waking and seeing the clock and drifting back off to dream. So much dreaming that you wake with a start only to find a couple of minutes passed.

The reality of time, the 4D world is a playground for feeling your way out of 3D. In this playground you begin to recognize 3D beliefs you no longer want to be engaged in.

You find your curiosity aroused for life beyond worry, beyond stress beyond fear.

You can FEEL there is another way.

Yes. Yes. yes.. You are on the path to being your highest potential, your authenticity!

If you close your eyes and feel the difference between life with a clock as pardon or your heart as partner. Feel into a day without deadlines, have to do’s, must do’s,… Versus a day where the very bestest place for you to be appears as your next thought, next inspired action and you are effortlessly showing up.

You are ready to begin partnering with your higher self. Your heart as conduit. You can actually feel your way to your greatness.

Success has nothing to do with education or smarts. Has everything to do with believing in you. Loving you.

As you see your ability to bend time to your will you will know the power of your thoughts and will release your time spent in thoughts of contraction.

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