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Diving into the Infinite You

Close your eyes…

Feel deep into yourself.

The deep pool of peace.

Of nothingness.

So infinite.

This is a real place and you can go here anytime.

Good time, boring times, bad times.

It doesn’t matter.

Come back to you.

The infinite you.

It is in this space that you can remember, you are not your body, your job, your name, your wealth. You are a spark of consciousness merely experiencing a singular point of view. But in remembering who you are and where you come from you can expand that viewpoint to enable you to access your highest potential.

Knowing the feeling of the infinite deep within you can have be a true gauge if something in your now meant is worth doing. All the time you are receiving guidance. Does this thing feel heavy? or expansive?

Notice that you can take blame out of your everyday thoughts and actions too. Blame never feels expansive.

You have the opportunity to meet each moment exactly as it is. With faults and blessings both. This will take you so much further than guilt and blame. The world around you is much more flexible than you give it credit. As you become present in the now honoring all of it you will find true happiness.

It is in the now moment that is your salvation. Everything else is story and illusion.

Notice how often you escape the now. Is it for detraction or numbing out? Go back to the moment you left and see how there may have been an inner something wanting to be seen or heard. Could you honor this too? Make space for these who want to be heard. Inner past you-s who were shushed, blamed or hurt.

IN this now moment you can learn to honor all or it. This is true compassion and patience. Allowing and being. Watch your life unravel. All the complexity and resistance give way to peace and clarity.

You are abundance,

You are love.

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