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Remember to Play

Remembering to play isn’t just the activity, but the movement, the physical letting go. It is anchoring into the earth and flying into the heavens.

It is shifting out of the investment in story. It is being present.

Your children and pets invite you to play. Do you hear them? Do you join them?

What is your favorite play? Can you remember back to being a child and the anticipation of running out to join your friends. You may not have had any idea what you were going to do, or maybe you did and it was so exciting either way.

It is this frequency of anticipation and excitement that we want you to activate. The true essence of ‘How good can it get?’!

It is the moments that trigger this level of deliciousness that we want to pepper throughout the day. Looking forward to play rather than zoning out.

What if you played and this honored the very fabric of your being. So much so that you were open then to the inspired action. You jumped out of bed in the morning at the thrill of the unknown yet to come and felt something good could happen at any moment. When you went to bed, your body was sated and grateful, like a child?

This is possible. As you bring back into your experience the activities of play you will remember the deliciousness of you. You will laugh easier and be quick to smile. You will take things lightly and not be so personal or sensitive to the world around you.

Being open to this play energy is being equally open to the creative energy. And if you are in this place, this creativity will available to all areas of your life, blessing you with even more abundance.

Balance requires play of you now. We guarantee the results will be worth it. Trust us. Even though to you it may seem time wasted. No money made, no productivity. No escape. Yes in a linear world this is all true. However, your not really in a linear world, you just think you are. So when you prioritize play you will see the powerful magic of the quantum world explode around you.

And that is why you are here. So play on!

Tap into the feeling of excitement and anticipation. Allow your mind to play the tapes of past that share this frequency and jump on the inspired action that comes at this frequency of play.

We love you.

Play and be witness to How Good it can Get!!

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