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Raw Plasma Energy

We first want you to know how much we love you. As you expand into the new this moment, the joy and bliss you are feeling is only a fraction of the love we have for you. We are always here for you, watching and sharing the journey. We celebrate your expansion and awareness and support you and hold space when you forget your truth.

Tonite is very special. As you anchor in love and feel the possibility in the very space around you, you are accessing the new. Even only at frequency it is powerful and awesome.

Do not think less of it because you can’t see the physical manifestation it represents. The feeling is every bit as valid as the surprise logo win or fabulous job offer. The feeling is Willie Wonka fabulousness. It is the potential of never seen before, a never dreamt possibility. Keep the feeling near. Savor it, play in it. Be open and curious. Begin to notice the little things showing up in response to this crackling possibility.

This could be considered raw plasma. Ready to respond to your very thoughts.

We very much mean that! Now that you have the raw plasma energy and you are open and curious, it is time to feel into your now moment. As your mind brings you idle thoughts you will weigh each as wether it is heavy or light. The heavy ones you will allow to pass and the light ones you will bring attention to. In this higher frequency with the potential of plasma energy crackling around you… bring this thought from ind into the realm of energy. Allowing mind to step back.

This is when the magic happens as you co-create the new with consciousness. You have entered the Willy Wonka castle. As your curiosity and questions appear answers begin to form that are beyond anything you every dreamt. This new is serving the highest good of all.

You stepping into this new, anchoring the reality of it into this now moment is harnessing the power of the quantum world. Expanding and leaping without a linear explanation. To many it will be magic or a miracle. To others it may threaten the reality they have carefully crafted and control. Do not lean outside your own experience. Allow your experience to bw you idea of normal while allowing others their own normal.

By choosing to create in this way you side step much of the 3D world effort and labor. You are a creator and it is time to harness your abilities and the potential that continues with your personal growth and expansion.

You are so beautiful, so lovely. Continue the practice of loving self, feeling into the now moment and following the inspired action. So much is coming NOW!

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