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Extending Love Out

You are much stronger than you realize.

Powerful and Abundant.

From the time you are born you are surrounded by challenges which end up forming a kind of veil. Blocking your view of who you really are and what you are here to do.

Close your eyes and imagine no resistance in your body. Feel what your day would feel like if every thing fell into place! Imagine having plenty of time. Time for you, your family and friends.. your work..

Imagine the pleasure in feeling deeply satisfied with your life. Imagine the creativity and expansion possible when you feel empowered and supported by the universe.

This is exactly how you anticipated this world to work before you came. The rest is deeply illusion; the overwhelm, fear and anger. It is not known or understood by consciousness. Illusion is fear. Illusions are the stories you invest in which take you away from consciousness and your true path.

You come from a love so great that it knows no fear.

Fear does not exist.

There are no words to explain to you that the very essence of you is love and only love. The idea that you are not supported or could be harmed is silly. To entertain illusion is to play small and completely undermines the purpose you came for.

Begin to look at your life. What are you controlling, micromanaging or overwhelmed by? Where can you let go and trust? Where are you not being present? These very things are the diversions to being love.

Extending love out you cannot be harmed. There is only love. Love is reality. It is a choice to see the world through love which is truth or other which is illusion. In illusion you believe in pain and death.

As soon as you bring love to the illusion it vanishes, as though it never existed in the first place.

While this still may be confusing, know that every cell of your body is love, and you remembering this will be core truth. You can then heal all the other beliefs which are not serving you.

Authenticity and Congruency are very important for being in your power and truth. Begin questioning every aspect of your life. Is it honoring who you are this moment?

Be your true self now.

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