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Bringing Intention Back!

I love that you are bringing Intention back. This is so powerful! Intention is a declaration. Not a wish or hope. But a confirmation to the universe of where you are! Exactly in the NOW. This is critical as all is in the NOW and for you to think you can change the future is missing the whole point of presentness. Everything is happening now.

Welcome to your world. Look around you. What do you see? Celebrate all of this; what you love and what you don’t! As it is fully in your power to change what you don’t like. Step into your co-creative roll and pull you weight. Consciousness is only going to do your part. It is a wonderful relationship between you both which fulfills every manifestation.

Times are moving faster for you as you are mastering your abilities to manifest.

Because of this speeding up it is more important than ever that you continue awareness on the old beliefs and patterns which no longer serve you.

There is so much to be gained from paying attention to your body and the messages coming from it. There is a fabulous relationship blooming between you and your body. This relationship has it’s own language. Just as you readily communicate with your pet or even others pets you will find you have a language between you and your body. As you pay more attention to your special language trust will come. Then understanding. Your body has an incredible knowing that goes beyond the trained mind. It is though the stomach, gut and heart.

For so long these intellects have been denied. The body voicing louder and louder till discomfort registers. Only for people to run to the doctors for remedies to hide the symptoms.

Take time and ask your body what it is telling you? What does it feel compelled to share? What does it want to show you. Your bodies intellect is primarily concerned with survival, keeping you aligned with your truth! You must listen with your entire being... Your answers may come as knowing, hearing something, seeing... even tasting or feeling.

So we come full circle. If you have no intentions you are playing small! For all these amazing relationships- with your body, the universe and non-physical, all are ready to make things happen. Ready to support you and guide you.

However, with no clarity, focus or intent you might as well be paying top dollar for experts who are sitting around watching TV instead of working for you.

It is time to be fully present and take responsibility for all the assets and gifts. Play more. Celebrate more. Laugh all the time.

As you step into your greatness you will clearly be witness to the next pattern, thought or belief that would hold you back. Be kind. Love this. Bless… See the beauty in the relationship to NOW. Gratefully decide it is time to move on.

There is no end to the limitation. We will only realize as we are able to see the limits we have. Enjoy this process. It is fuel for your expansion. It is the fuel to manifest.

You are so loved.

*** This is one of the series of Channels which are written for the 'How to Live an Awakened Life' Workshop.

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