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Change, Action and Synergy!

How do you feel you are connecting with you experience? You will find as you go deeper within your connection to all will increase. As you resist the journey to go within your external connections will weaken.

Yes, this seems obvious. Yet what this means to you is that if you focus deeper within on purpose you will find the deepening of the connections around you.

This is a reminder that everything outside of you is a reflection of what is going on within.

Stop trying to change your world by action in the physical. This will change nothing.

Change is a synergy. Change is a side affect of coming more into alignment or out of alignment. External action can maintain status quo. Action could also force you to look within. You will see that action is not proportionate to growth.

In this world of physical we have for so long made sense of things in a very abbreviated way. We have left out the elements that are not of a physical nature… like intension, emotion and vibration. And yet these hold all the answers. It is in shifting your vibration that your script is changed and the physical world snaps to match the new frequency.

Using our small minds we never recognized this so instead we tell the story of working hard, paying dues and pain. None of these are necessary. You can drop all these old stories. For there are plenty of people, and more every day, who thrive without working hard, without pain or paying their dues! The only constant that is true every single time is the frequency of the person is congruent to their world. Every single time.

It is your connection with self that matters. It is welcoming change and letting go of the notion of comfort. It is feeling the call to know yourself deeper just for the sake of it.

Recognizing that everything about your world is your smorgasbord to explore.

While staying present you can use the reactions to the world around you as the guidepost to the next inner quest. These are the sign posts. You won’t be needing meditation to find these. The guideposts of your triggers and reactions are all you need.

From there you quest. What way do you quest? Talking with others? Journaling? Exercising? Meditating? Yard work? Recognize your way so you can be more on purpose with your diving deeper into self.

As you connect deeper so does your empathy and compassion deepen. Your ability to be present and NOT take things personally. This alone empowers you in your world far beyond the many. The peace that will come from this is huge. Then will come clarity. Your world will be changed forever. There is no going back.

Welcome Home!

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