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Stay in the box of the Wonderful!

Your life is Yours!! There seems to be confusion about this. Expectations of others, cultures and families being given more value than your own chosen path!

Soon as you follow expectations of others which deviate from your own truth you will feel discomfort. The greater the distance you drift from your truth the greater your discomfort will be. It is your job to come into alignment so you have ready access to your passion and solutions. In your alignment you are in your power and have the tools or ability to find them to navigate life. To explore and experience your journey to the fullest.

The time is right on the earth for taking ownership of your life journey. It is only in your belief that you owe someone or that their desires are of more value than your own that you make it true. It isn’t true.

You deserve to live your highest potential and the only way to do this is to be fully responsible to your journey. Feeling and navigating from your truth. In this focus you will serve the highest good of all.

Your new tool this week is to recognize what is working amazing in your life. It may be something very small or it could be significant. Feel what it feels like to focus on this and how many ways it represents abundance. Feel the emotion well up as you focus. How exciting is this? How effortless is this thing in your life? How does this serve your life? Notice how wonderful it is and let thoughts of it tumble around lightly. Feel the fun in this thing which is abundant and works so well and how easy it could be to take it for granted. Feel into recognizing and owning again how lucky you are for this to be so good.

This is where you anchor. Stay in this box with this wonderful thing. Then gently as you are enjoying being in this awesome box let your gaze drift out of the box to rest on something which is not working so well. Do this without leaving your box.

If you feel yourself emotionalizing the thing which isn’t working then you’ve left the box. Go back, start over and maybe look at something less triggering. You can practice going back too and test it’s ability to trigger you.

Find the thing that you want to find solution for and it is not triggering you. Imagine it wrapped in a ball of light. Reaching your hands you lovingly bring it into the box of abundance with you. Holding this you stay anchored in your thoughts of the other which is so yummy and effortless. You are releasing resistance in relationship to the thing not so working and allowing solution and abundance for it to flow. As you enjoy and release all your beliefs and judgement, continuing to shower love, anticipation fun and joy you are changing the momentum for the experience i your light ball. You are supporting your life and experience in the only way which truly matters.

It may not be the norm. This new way of blessing the difficult and loving it instead is key to solution. Solution is ever ready it is only us who cut it of with our resistance, labeling and judgment. Change these old ways and find your entire life taking a massive turn for the better. Find more abundance showing up without effort.

Catch the old beliefs and you can release them today. Life is ever ready for you. Expand.

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