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Beliefs are Agreements, you made with reality

Are you happy?

Are your beliefs creating a satisfying life?

Beliefs are a subliminal form of control. You’ve adopted these from the people and the world around you as you grew up. And these beliefs were as limited and minimal as the people you adopted them from. These beliefs will bring you the same limited experience as they continue to bring those other people. To really top it off you then created elaborate defense mechanisms to protect your beliefs!

Why are you protecting and defending your beliefs of ‘less than’?

What if letting go of that belief would allow for much more abundance to flow into your life?

We are in a gifted time. We are gifted with the software to handle waking up. We are fitted with the speed at which everything is moving so changes we implement can be celebrated almost immediately. The manifestation is coming on the heels of the request. And your raised vibration is shifting your reality in the very moment and place you are when you raise it.

These are extraordinary times. We want you to now if you are new to awakening, your work is to daily go within and connect. Ground and release the low frequencies which accumulate and bring focus and attention to raising your own vibration.

For those who are further on your journey your work is to send balancing energy out to the low vibration you see hear or feel. It is a practice to chose not to look for the low frequency experience. However, should you witness an event or moment instead of turning away or resting it you can now use your focus and power to send the opposite frequency. This not only corrects the situation but also sends more messages to the universe about what you want.

So, beginners look within to release the old beliefs not serving you and expanding into new higher frequency.

Experienced people will see every questionable experience as an opportunity to send out balancing energy, healing the world around you.

It is imperative that you step into your power. The true power of consciousness. If you do not, you may lose the window in which it is even an option anymore. The choice may not be yours to make at a certain point. Just as a drug user dives into addiction there is a point where he no longer has the where-with-all to choose other than the drug.

Make your ‘WHY’ powerful enough to support you during the hard times of this shift. The times where you know nothing, feel empty, feel numb. Your why will be the light to assist you in focusing through.

Being in your power, your truth, consciousness and fully awake is your birthright.

Do not allow fear or complacency to hold you back and possibly miss you widow.

Choose your frequency and your abundance will follow.

Choose your truth and clarity is yours!

Choose consciousness and you can manifest the reality of your dreams.

Do this NOW!

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