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Can You Say Whipper Snapper?

Ha! What does this have to do with anything?! Well, how about... Stop taking it all so seriously!

There is so much emphasis focused on goals, outcomes, accomplishment, success and productivity!

We know you KNOW how to do this! How to tap into doing. What you are lacking is having fun, present moment. This is about letting go of agenda and when the opportunity presents itself for FUN now grab on with two hands. It is known you can and will get right back to the thread you left behind.

To miss this irreplaceable moment of present pleasure is to deny abundance. To turn away from manifesting the yumminess you came for.

If you can begin reminding yourself that pleasure and fun are part of this human experience and a huge balancing tool for your journey- you may become more aware of the opportunities as they arise and you can jump on them.

Even if you see the missed opportunity, don't despair! This is one step closer to catching it. These can be very elusive. Sometimes the window to jump in may be as small as a few seconds.

We know if you stay positive and aware of the value they offer- you will begin to get in range to jump up and catch that wave.

It may be a joke, noticing something on the road while you drive, your own silliness, the drawing of a child or invitation to jump up and dance. It may be just listening to a story or sitting on the porch watching a storm... Your senses will play their part anchoring the moment with substance while your awareness brings you to present to be witness and experiencer.

In the big picture your time here is merely a moment. You are experiencing a life through senses, You use your experience to co-create and you are expanded by awareness of the new, the delicious, the bliss all around.

You are worthy of a life full of delicious moments. They are all around you. Take moments through out your day to find the yummy. Practice often.

The magic that comes from shifting into this awareness will change your entire world!

You are delicious... perhaps you forgot.

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