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Finding Your NOW Frequency

If you are to be Co-Creator of your experience you must realize that daily you will be shifting your frequency in and out of creative mode!

As a physical being in a matrix of beings you have many ranges of function. These include but are not limited to; self care, birthing new ideas, implementing new ideas, survival, sleep, social and community.

It is important to know these so you can honor the different frequencies and energies which create the best experience in each. This will give you the awareness to make adjustments if you are noticing you are uncomfortable or disconnected.

To receive the highest value from you experiences awareness and presentness are key.

The goal is not to be constantly riding at peak frequency or performance. In 5D there is no better or worse. There is the ability you have to find opportunity in every experience.

If you picture a chart with various frequencies and on this chart the orange frequency is ideal for self care.. And you want self care now…Then if you are in the green frequency range you will have two immediate options. Either stay in green frequency and choose a green frequency activity or shift yourself to orange frequency to have the most satisfying self care moment. OR- Notice the resistance or thoughts coming up. Ask yourself are these thoughts supporting my highest good? Do they represent my true self? If not, use the tools you have to release them. If they do represent you and your highest good then listen and implement the knowledge as it applies to this situation.

You are crazy powerful. As you take ownership of your life and responsibility for everything, your thoughts, actions feelings and emotions…. you will have a powerful foundation to build your world.

Begin right where you are. Watch what happens as you begin to own the frequencies which are most effective for the different functions of you. As you live on purpose knowing you can tweak this NOW moment, you are not a victim and this is not a wold of struggle. It is all up to you to find the ease in living life your way, in your truth.

Ease, love and abundance are yours now and always. It is up to you to get into the frequency of them. To be a grateful receiver and allow yourself the practice of seeing these manifest around you eery day.

You are loved, adored and supported.

There is nothing to fear.

Feel the infinite possibility in the NOW.

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