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Magic and Possibility

This is a time of magic and possibility. How else do you explain the unbelievable? We have been clear that to be child like will go a long way in your quest for self and happiness. In your childlike experience you will find magic all around you. Seeing through the eyes of wonder and fun you will be witness to the extraordinary.

As an adult this will translate to the ability to enter bliss as you did as a child. This bliss will craw to you all kinds of possibility. It could be seen as coincidence or chance, but as a child you will have the inside scrip to know there are magical forces at work.

Your journey here is tied together and shared with may in other frequencies. While you are experiencing contrast and from this, creating the new finding the 'other', those on the other side sharing this mission are supporting, guiding and assisting you in the manifesting process.

There is no need for your mission here to be difficult unless you believe it must be. There is no need for you to work alone, unless you believe you must.

As a child daydreams they create. Bliss is only a daydream away. Yet as an adult you have tied up every moment of your day so tightly that not a single moment is free to flex into the unknown, the quantum flux of possibility. Even the moments you designate as down time are stolen by TV's, cell phone and busy-ness. You can see that all of this is delegated by BETA brain waves. Where is the balance? The Alpha, Theta, Delta and even Gamma wave action are left out. It is in the quiet, the tuning within that we find these.

It is the intention to access theses that increases the probability.

You have just tasted the smallest sampling of what is available and coming to you.

Now is time to soften, to become more flexible and expand into the flow of abundance. It will not harm you. Should you feel resistance, look at the resistance. Ask it why? Soften those places within the body where it is felt. Soften your focus and allow yourself to see what it is sharing with you.

Every experience of resistance is an opportunity to soften, allow and forgive.

There is magic is allowing experience to happen. To witness experience without judgement can allow for clarity and deep understanding.

This intern can open yourself to greater sensitivity and empathy.

The world is ready for those who can love and accept even though.

This first begins with you. You allow..."even though I feel this resistance, I love and accept myself unconditionally."

You know...."Even though I feel fear, I am OK, I am enough."

It is in practice with yourself that you understand forgiveness is releasing the judgement you held, loving even though.

You deserve this. Loving yourself is your birthright.

Then watch the magic happen.

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