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Trust in Your Connection...

Trust in Your Connection to all that is.

In presentness we promise you all answers and all knowledge is available to you.

It is in the quiet centering within that all your answers lie.

Only you have forgotten this. There is wisdom and guidance continually coming to you and in letting go of the resistance you can receive this information.

The ultimate surrender is letting go and standing in the unknown to receive. There is no control, no fear, no story, no outcome. There is just unconditional love and presentness.

This quiet place is so lovely that asking for anything may seem unnecessary.

When you have become familiar with this place of being you will then find the joy of using this place as part of your journey and co-creative process.

In this space you remember you are whole. You feel with clarity where your desires and passion are pulling you. The inspired action here is effortless.

Taught meditation is wonderful for

teaching how to enter this space.

It is then up to you to develop your skills in using this space

to serve the highest good of all.

You are whole and then you forget. You are perfection and you resist. You are love and the time is now to nurture yourself. To unconditionally love yourself and see the results bloom in the world all around you.

Unconditional love is a power, a state of being that supersedes all else. War, famine, hatred, fear; all become witnessing the resistance and pain in another of their birthright. Which is alignment with God.

Each has come willingly for this journey. For each the journey is perfect.

Stay present in your journey. Releasing resistance, coming into awareness and thriving in the unique calling you came with. With gratitude your world will continue to expand. Your co-creating will flourish and your relationship with God will be known at the very core of your being.

When you choose relationship with God, everything else pales in comparison.

Only your willingness to separate creates false gods.

In relationship with God clarity comes and the inspired action is Right Action and is relationship with God/Source made real and tangible. This extension of God Source fills your being with love and peace. The inspired action is relationship with God made visible.

Delight in your relationship. Celebrate it, practice and nurture it. This is the greatest love of all and miracles are the side effect of it.

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