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You can leave stress behind!

Yay! We ask you again to take responsibility for the frequency you choose. You are completely 100% responsible for the events and experiences you are having. Not a single one of them are happening to you but rather an extension of who you are in this moment. We cannot stress this enough. At the root this is everything. This is the tool to master. From this you enter a reality where you co-create.

As things speed up there is so much opportunity available. Not long ago much of the opportunity was missed as most people spend more than 99% of their day repeating what they did the day before.

What if you began to co-create every moment. What if you didn't use a clock or schedule? What if you woke up each morning and received your mission? What if throughout the day someone checked in to clarify your current strategy?

This does happen all the time. However with the 99% rate of survival mode active, repeating moments from the day before, these missions and strategy check-ins are completely missed.

All your life you have known this. You have attempted to stop time when things were good. You have attempted to re-enter the survival mode through jobs and settling down but you cannot. Unless you are willing to disconnect from Source you cannot join the ninety-nine percenters. It is not possible.

We know that you no longer with to join the norms. So here you are teetering in a place of new beliefs and old beliefs. Of not knowing what is to come but having utter trust in the process. You are stepping into the new. The new beliefs, new thought patterns, new actions all leading to new outcomes.

In this reality you will be continually letting go of the old. Shedding yesterday. You can and will remake everyday.

In all of this absolutely love yourself. Enjoy this place. This reality. Yes it not what you were conditioned to believe it is. It is more. It is a platform for expanding all that is. In your awareness to be here and wake up you are more powerful than ever before.

We invite you to step out of your comfort zone every day. Get your body and mind used to stretching and challenges. Love yourself as you explore the new and find expansion in your whole being including your passion and the clarity of your calling.

You are a hugely powerful person. Continue to shed the beliefs holding you back so every moment serves your highest good. Without the old beliefs change and challenge will be exiting and fun. Without the old beliefs you will look forward to the next challenge, even sign up of them as the outcomes always reward you.

We thank you for your intention and bravery to be part of this reality. To assist in this part of the co-creative process. You are doing a magnificent job!

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