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You are loved!

Wow! We love you so much. You have no idea what this truly means and that is fine. We adore you. We champion you and we are entertained by everything you do.

Do you know that nothing happens to you? You are dancing in a script you wrote. Every encounter, every opportunity, every scene is dictated by you and your frequency. If you want something to change you must first change your frequency.

This means that you will begin to notice how every thought shifts your frequency up or down.

As you begin to see how thought does this, you will learn how to maintain control of your frequency and not hand off control to you mind. We remind you your mind is a tool. It is not intended to control the mother ship. The mind will always follow your lead even if you hand off your power.

Three main ways to maintain frequency and stop fluctuations due to thought.

1. Manage and Focus only on thoughts which support the frequency you really want.

2. Release all expectation.

3. Know that you are not a victim. Nothing is personal until you make it so.

If you see how invested you become in the thoughts you are having you can see how it will negatively affect or infect your frequency and you can walk through the three ways. Which way or ways are you allowing this thought to take control of you?

Beliefs can come into play here also.

Ultimately we want you to know that NO thought has power to affect you unless you allow it.

Being in your power isn't about controlling your environment or the people around you. Being in your power is alignment with Source and full access to the unlimited, unconditional love that is the essence of who you are.

When you are in your power, life is delicious, sparkly, happening just right, and your sensitivity to the world around you is heightened. Life is not a struggle. Joy and Ease are your birthright and it is time to utilize your birthright to the fullest potential possible. Enjoy your life this moment and you are one step closer.

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