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True Responsibility

Responsibility is not a chore or a weight.

It is not a burden to put ahead of you.

Responsibility is a practice of serving the highest good.

In this there is no specialness. There is no putting your actions for another ahead of your own needs or well being. There is a genuine depth and wholeness which comes from loving yourself in every moment and every action.

Can you see how a 3D version of responsibility can actually be harmful? The idea of win/lose will ultimately mean that where action is with held will be one who loses.

In 5D, in True Responsibility this is not the case. It will always be win-win and abundance will always follow!

If you have been feeling burdened by responsibility then you only need raise your vibration to shift your reality and your experience.

When you begin to taste the perfection you are in every moment, in every failing and every fault you have, you will begin to taste the deliciousness of your world.

See how the resistance and judgement are dulling your sight, your taste, your touch! This world you live in is far beyond high def and yet you have satisfied yourself with the black and white version.

Take notice this week how if you allow resistance to slip away how much brighter your view is. If you let go of judgement and expectation and eat slowly, how amazing the food tastes. If you just let gratitude fill you heart, how lovely is it to touch another, your partner or a child or pet.

Step into the unknown.

The True Responsibility is not dictated by any authority, rather it is the ability to show up and listen to inspired action as you love yourself.

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