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Love Is All There Is

Love is all there is. Everything else is separation from God.

From Consciousness. From All That Is.

If Love is All that is, you may choose each moment how to stay in relationship.

You have been trained into other frequencies. In this training and practice you have experienced a world that resonates with frequencies other than love. And when you choose these thoughts, emotions and actions that are not of love you will feel the separation from God. You will feel lack.

All lack being a disconnect from Source. No substitute will give you satisfaction.

Every moment is an opportunity to turn to love. Notice your choices. Feel your tendency to avoid love. To find reasons or defenses to being love.

In surrender you will fall into the hands of God. This is a place of peace, non-judgement, ease. You will little by little feel that surrender is the answer.

In surrender, God will have voice and be heard.

Without surrender,

your need to control will drone out the voice of God.

God is heard in-between the thoughts. Outside of need and control. In the emptiness after the question is where all will find God.

Surrender is required to enter the emptiness.

In surrender and emptiness there is nothing to fear. It is only your stories that create fear. You are perfection and in the nothing, without judgement you may witness your truth. You will glimpse the love available for all and feel the immensity of it all. It is the opposite of lack.

So in knowing all this you may choose in every thought to find and express love or lack. In your knowing God, the other quickly is no longer a choice. And in hearing this now, we invite you to find more creative ways to include love in each moment.

There is no room for less than. Begin now to practice surrender to love. This practice will alter your entire life experience.

As you see your ability to affect the world around you, you will chose greater and greater ways to be the catalyst for love.

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