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Ownership of Your Greatness

Are you open and flowing or are you blocked and resistant? Close your eyes and become aware… the word around you is forming as you bring your awareness to it.

You steer it with your emotions, always finding a match. The environment around you responds to the most subtle shifts in you. Perhaps even before you are aware. Seeing it manifest in the world around you may be your first awareness. As you practice enticing and catching these slips you will become more adept at staying present so you can pivot back to the higher frequencies before it manifests in your world.

You are extremely powerful and have no idea about this. Regularly deflecting your power for thoughts of less than.

It is time to begin taking ownership of your greatness. What does it mean? What does it look like? If every day you began your day loving yourself. Honoring your passions and talents you would begin to feel your alignment with your power coming back. It has been waiting patiently to be engaged. Never has it left you.

This is no different than the toddler or baby thinking the person is gone when they cover their face in a game of peek-a-boo. Of course the mother is still there even though the baby can not see her.

It is time for you to know your conditioning and how your mind works. By bringing your attention to your power regularly you will begin to see it, till you do finally know how intrinsically part of you your power is. It cannot be cut away from you. The only separation possible is the belief in the illufion. The belief in less than. That is the illusion. It is only real in your thoughts and that alone is enough to line up the world to participate.

Through truth, passion and intention you will find the fuel behind your power. You will know how to get what you want and you will see the distraction and waste of time that the illusion is.

Take time this week to create clarity around who you are. What you want, where you are going or headed. It is not the world happening to you. It is you happening to it. So start happening. Start contributing to the creation of your life.

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