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Magical Expansion

This is confirmation that you are doing it right! We know you can feel that the way you are proceeding isn’t normal. It is not how you were taught to do things. However, if you were never taught to do it backwards you would have been successfully manifesting everything you want a lot sooner.

Children innately find their way unless taught out or it.

Success is knowing what you want and feeling how good it feels then following the inspired action. As ready as you are to receive, it is waiting to meet you.

Notice when you receive the inspired action how good it feels. How exciting and effortless. You will immediately have clarity on the next steps to proceed.

Here it gets interesting. Begin to notice the resistance which comes up during this process.

For many this resistance is enough to call it quits or stop long enough for the inspired action to stale. Some use the resistance as a sign they weren’t meant to do this. The resistance is your stories of lack and unworthiness balking the riches and success you are aligning with. Do you really want to justify walking away from these?

This would be a great time to do some affirmations and EFT to release the negative blocks. You truly can be grateful to be witness to the resistance because wether you know it or not it has been running your life. Unless you release it and build the programs and stories which are based on your highest good and well being.

You deserve so much!

So much success, happiness, fun,

experience, opportunity and abundance.

What are you doing to receive hose in your life today?

Today all it takes is a small upgrade. What could you upgrade easily right now? Maybe cream instead of mild in your coffee? New PJ’s? A flower in a pot for your counter? A long bath?

Begin to notice and take action on the little things you can change. Notice as you declutter the little things that feel less than, that a flow begins to happen.

This is the mindset of success. There is always change, movement and expansion. And as this connotes not only will you be decluttering cabinets but also the various levels of resistance that are triggered with the continual change.

This is a great thing! As you release this resistance you will find the flow of abundance increases and becomes much more familiar.

Begin to see the pattern, habits and stories in your life which justify staying small. What are you waiting for? Can you afford theses old ways any longer?

Expanding into the new depends on you releasing the old. Any notion of carrying the old along into the new will stop abundance in its tracks.

You are remaking yourself new every moment. Why would you choose to remake yourself in a repeat version of what didn’t fulfill you the first, second and third times you lived it?

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