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Magical Abundance

Yes, Yes it really exists. Magical Abundance is what happens when you let go of expected outcomes.

Because expansion for you has no limits. Yet your experience is all limits. So to receive beyond what you know, as the person, you must be prepared to let go. Let go of understanding, outcomes and control. There is a constant flow of inspired action coming to you. Letting go allows you to receive the inspired action which is your road map to everything you want. To have faith, trust and believe in this is absolute. You will then drop into knowing.

At knowing you will find yourself accepting what is. Loving what is.

You will find beauty and abundance all around. Gratitude and appreciation will be the air you breathe.

Magical Abundance is what happens when you let go of lack. Watch the opportunities flow in. The coincidences lining up to show you the way.

The more you follow the inspired action you become true witness to your ability to co-create. This reality is magical. It undulates around you like a tapestry of frequency. The frequencies are all up to you.

Your intuition is key to navigate this world. The language is love.

We know this is all so different from what you’ve been taught in your culture. We also know that your heart will always recognize truth when it hears it or feels it.

Build on your heart awareness and the relationship with the world around through your intuition. This guidance is very powerful. It is always serving your highest good. Feel and listen.

If you are receiving signs and messages follow them. Your ability to create momentum with abundance is dependent on you showing up.

Showing up is present. Not scheduled, habit or survival.

Showing up is the ultimate trust as you let the world fall back and you become mistress to Love.

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