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Intention! Play Big Now!

Updated: May 13, 2019

You are the force of power in your life. It is up to you to engage in Source or not. And as you’ve had experiences and drawn conclusions you have decided how worthy you are of your relationship with Source.

For your entire life you have had the power to create your world. Look back at the events….

Every thought you have and have had is intention setting.

So through generation after generation of ancestors passing down the beliefs and behaviors of pain, fear, victim- it’s no wonder you’ve had many experiences you haven’t enjoyed. The frequency of those held negative thoughts are carried with you until you clean/ transmute them to new frequencies.

Time is moving fast. So fast. So with all the experiences and change you have the ability to clear out ALL the old karma.

All the beliefs of less than and lack which became your birth right. All can be transmuted and it is with awareness and intention you will achieve it.

The negative experiences in your life are the keystones for clearing this old karma. The experience gives you the ability to know the frequency through feeling it. This is important. We cannot release something if we don’t know what it is. And because of this time and place you can choose a new improved frequency to know instead.

With your ability and intention to love yourself you have the answer to the transmutation process. Love is the great cleanser. You don’t have the ability to hold love and fear simultaneously. If you lapse to thought of fear in any form you are giving up valuable time to be creating the world you want. As well you are actually augmenting your intention to create a world no one wants.

In all of this it is important for you to know it is not just ‘your’ world you are changing with your love frequency intention. You are affecting the ‘entire’ world.

Without intending to go beyond ‘your’ experience, you are actually sending out love frequency which others remember when they feel it. And by proximity to you there are many shifting their intention to create a better world. As more join in the love based intention the future changes now.

There is absolutely no room for fear. You can find new ways to respond to your life experience so you stop the old momentums and patterns.

In fear your view will be narrowed immensely by adrenalin. In loving calm you will have a wide view with massive options for turning the entire event into an opportunity.

It is no wonder a child losing a parent to cancer becomes a scientist to help find the cure for cancer or a child in trauma meeting a paramedic, grows up to be a paramedic. There are so many examples.

Begin to be the game player you came here to be. Change your world one thought at a time! It’s as simple as thinking it, feeling it, saying it. You are a powerful creator it is time to own this.

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