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Abundance is your access to Heaven!

Abundance is your access to Heaven.

Right here and right now.

Everything is happening right now! This very moment. It is your focus that brings it into reality.

Heaven is a frequency. Very much unconditional love. And you have the ability to choose this now! To close your eyes feel into your heart and choose to feel bliss, joy and love. What if you made a practice of feeling into this frequency then focusing the frequency into the things around you? What about the people around you? To look on another in the frequency of unconditional love does not allow for judgment or story to prevail.

It is time to let go of the stories you have put on yourself and others!

The ability to release a story is true forgiveness.

Stories are just thoughts and is they are not making your heart sing you can’t afford them.

Life is a blink and to know there is isn’t time for holding onto negativity, fear, anger, resentment… etc… This is freedom. Make this moment count. In this moment expansion is possible. In this moment freedom to be your most alive and beautiful self is possible.

Close your eyes.

Now imagine what hanging out with your family would feel like

without your limiting beliefs and programs.?

What would it look like?

How would your body feel?

You actually do not need to 'work' through these limiting beliefs and programs unless you think you do. You could just create a practice of feeling you and your world without them.

In the same way when you meditate you witness a threat and allow it to float away. You can make a present moment practice of noticing judgements and uncanny feelings and let them drift off. Do not attack them or engage them. This is a practice of birthing a new moment. Which comes full of new opportunities.

If every “problem” can become experience and then with gratitude mature to opportunity, then you can begin to see there is nothing to protect yourself from. There is opportunity after opportunity to know yourself better on this journey of expansion through Co-Creating.

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