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Be Easy With Yourself

Be easy with yourself.

There is a lot of change afoot. You are knowing now that change happens from with-in first. And yet the go to is to attempt to change the outside first. It will never work and this creates the cycles of control, frustration and anger.

This is not the way today. With new tools and practice you can go with in to solve any issue. The new way is aligned with the co-creative process.

You are very powerful however it isn’t what you’ve been taught.

You power lies in your ability to choose the frequency you are in. When you have raised your frequency into the higher zones you will know your truth and no other entity will be able to affect you.

In these higher frequencies your passion and calling become much more evident. You will begin to see a correlation between that which you are called to do and what you choose to manifest.

From these higher frequencies you will find all you decisions and manifesting lining up to serve the highest good of all! No more pushing with Ego behind the wheel.

We invite you to be in flow with you journey and know yourself as we know you.Your inward journey begins with ease and kindness to yourself. Ultimately loving yourself unconditionally.

As you being to focus on the abundance around you, you align with the frequency of abundance and every cell within you aligns with abundance. Then Nature is called upon to balance. Because if your environment is make of people opportunities and things which match the frequency of lack and you are resonating with every cell os your body at abundance Nature must balance the situation.

Hold on! The ride begins. Watch the amazing synchronicities that begin which truly are magnetized to you. If you can hold on there is only one way this can go.

Abundance will flow to you until you,

your opportunities and environment and people around you are a match.

There is no end to the potential with in this.

Only you stop it.

You have a choice.

You always did.

Now choose again and create the world you love being a part of.

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