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Buried in every person is a child with a million questions!

Not just any questions… Inspired questions which will lead to your next expansion.

However, with out current social paradigm we are not as children allowed to ask these questions. The adults around are not conscious enough to recognize the value in them and society in general has been brain washed to think that children are just that and have nothing of value to offer society until they have been squeezed through 18-20yrs of programming… I mean education.

This is not so. Children are key to the wholeness and brilliance we are before we were educated. A misnomer. You were intelligent, brilliant and whole before anyone taught you a thing.

Fortunately for you your inner child is still here! Yay!!

Allowed to come and play these inner children and their brilliance can take us back to the genuis we were before the programming from all the unconscious adults around us.

This is the most fun and exiting. It may take practice as these inner children have been ignored for a very long time.

As we create opportunity for them to come back into relationship with us their voices will return and we will find deep rejuvenation and knowing that was always there.

Our children and the children within us live through heart until taught otherwise. To truly tap your highest potential, to access the massive opportunities and connections which surround us, we must let go! We must see control, resistance and fear are stopping the flow of abundance.

The possibilities of yumminess and greatness are all accessible through your heart.

Are you listening?!

Stop thinking and feel your way to the buried child within

who wants to show you the way…

to creating, to fun, to loving yourself.

You may then access a life you could have only dreamed of having.

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