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Your Awareness is on Point

Your awareness is on point. There is no false reality. All thought is reality. Your imagination is as real as are your dreams. You are such a powerful creator and you have found every way to dismiss or down play this fact.

This is playing small and creating indeterminate, unclear manifestations. It is playing small.

Get clear on what you came to do here. So you can begin co-creating in a definite meaningful way.

In taking responsibility for your life purpose you will find, forgive and clear the obstacles holding you back rather than avoiding them and what they represent ultimately cutting off your power.

It is time to be heard. To feel the resistance and face it. See it for the illusion it is and walk through to own your power.

Power is power and your desire is guiding you to the place within you where you access this personal power. Allow yourself the luxury of seeking, thinking and daydreaming about your desires. Get to the core of these, the seed. It is not the thing which you’ve chosen to represent the desire, it is the meaning beyond. Singing may be expressing self, boyfriend may represent security, new home perhaps freedom, money? You name it!

So allow yourself to go deeper to truly understand the desire so you can begin to fulfill this desire in your life. See the symbols as codes and get real taking the steps toward freedom, security, self expression… etc. Now that you are in the game you will find the inspired action easily. Follow it! Allow for momentum and the abundance which follows to flow into your life.

As you respond to the call of your spirit you become empowered to find and allow your passion and calling. These are magnificent. To take your personal power and unleash it to serve your calling is an expansion of power you have only seen in few. Yet anyone can access this.

Now is the time to honor your purpose for focusing into this reality.

Begin to notice the dumbing down via illusion. Notice all the distracts you from your purpose. From here you can become aware of the illusion you have chosen to identify with and make your god. In this awareness you have opportunity to chose again. To decide if these illusions are serving you or not. If not, they may be released. For all our illusions, wether they be shortcomings, habits, beliefs or other, we can release them through forgiveness and gratitude. It is through these that true compassion allows us to understand how these benefited us till now. As you reclaim your personal power you will no longer need illusion for support and safety.

You have always been whole, powerful and loved. Feel that now as you shed the thoughts of illusion.

This reality is yours to enjoy. Take a little step and begin the momentum now.

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