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Be Effortless

Be effortless. Be without resistance. This is a fabulous time and great change is all around.

With so many people, technology expanding so quickly there has bee a mass divergence of what is real. Never has there been such chaos of choice within the illusion. Along with the fear has come a need to control the outcomes of other beliefs. Where as, at another time in history is would have been sheer authority dictating what is and people would maintain their own hold on reality behind closed doors. Now authority is determined to even steal the mind behind closed doors. So today while battle is battle their are new methods.

While the methods of those insisting on dominance have evolved so too has your choice to participate. Be without resistance. That is the way.

For you to connect with your higher self and truth you will have to opt out of the low frequency battles all around you. It is the only way to access your alignment.

In low frequency your only alignment should you choose to align, will be with a match in the frequency. As we have said before when choosing low frequency we can promise you that you won’t like or enjoy what resonates there.

So you must be effortless. Let go of judgement, fear, anxiety anger. Feel your way through letting go back to love. Your salvation lies here. And only here. Begin to notice in your now moment what feels good. Feels exiting, feels inspiring, feels effortless and do more of that.

Use the tools you have now to let go of judgements and beliefs as they come. Letting go is not burying, ignoring or pushing away. You must embrace the illusion you created. Bringing it into the light of your soul to transmute it. This you will do again and again.

Your only job is to align with love and the path of this journey will set you free.

At the level at which you embrace this journey you will find the woes of the illusion left behind. Health, well being, security and freedom will make themselves dominant in your ourney. This is how it always was.

Now the tools and techniques are available to all.

The mind is not your friend. Do not let it keep your counsel. This is the mis-step.

Return always to your connection with source for counsel.

Then the mind can be the support it was meant to be when you take full responsibility for your journey.

This is a magical time. Great Wonders and abundance are all around. It is all yours now. The path is determined by the choices you make to clear all resistance from your vision.

As time continues this alone will be the deciding factor for locking your journey into the reality of fear or love. As you choose the love your bodies patterns of lower frequency will abate till they no longer resonate at all in your body.

Be vigilant… morning, moments of boredom, conflict and at night… Check your mind to be of the highest frequency. Then proceed. Much wealth is waiting to join you.

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